Bottom Paint Alternative

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Barnacle Barrier™,
Finally there is an alternative to Antifouling Bottom Paint!

  • Never ruin another boat again with unsightly, toxic, expensive, never ending hassle, bottom paint. Barnacle Barrier™ creates a dry barrier between your boat and the surrounding water without lifting your boat out of the water. Sound too good to be true? Barnacle Barrier™ is a brand new patent pending design in the USA that keeps any boat bottom dry, clean, and free from corrosion! Durable construction and design makes this system easy to use, little to no maintenance, portable, and inexpensive. Most of the materials Barnacle Barrier™ systems are made with can last over 100 years in the salt water marine environment.

  • Its surprising how in 100 years of bottom paint use, we have yet to come up with an alternative to this unsightly, toxic, marine hazard. This is why we introduced Barnacle Barrier™ into the USA. Barnacle Barrier™ protects your investment from damaging corrosion, bottom fouling, bottom growth, barnacles, mussels, sea slime, water damage, floating debris, and more! With Barnacle Barrier™ you will never have to bottom paint your boat. Leave your boat in its natural floating state where it is most stable, don't keep it on an unstable inflatable balloon air dock lift, or on a high tension cable lift that is extremely inconvenient for easy boat use. Barnacle Barrier™ is your in water dry storage solution.
Bottom Paint Alternative

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